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We wish you a
high-performing holiday!

Similar to construction, a successful holiday season requires pre-planning with close attention to cost, quality and schedule. To achieve high performance, approach the holidays the Integrating Project Delivery way—start with your goal and work backward to win the season:

Measurable Value

Define your performance metrics early to measure a successful holiday: at least one ugly holiday sweater party attended, 10 gallons of eggnog consumed, 3 re-gifts, and a partridge in a pear tree. You get the idea.

Integrated Systems

There’s nothing worse than gathering ‘round the dinner table with three pecan pies and no main course. Take IPD’s more-the-merrier approach with menu planning to prevent a ham-less and hangry holiday.

Production Management

Personality clashes between elves and reindeer can be expected, but that needn’t cause a Yuletide kerfuffle. Manage dynamics the IPD way, from planning work together to hosting daily huddles: Cards in the mail? Check! Presents wrapped? Check! Stockings hung by the chimney with care? Check!

Integrated Processes

There’s more than one way to deck the halls. Steal a page from the IPD playbook and define processes to facilitate collaboration. The kids can hang the ornaments down low and tall uncle George can cover hanging the mistletoe.

Collaboration and Co-location

In the “big room,” IPD team members work together in a single space. This year, instead of throwing separate holiday parties with different coworkers, friends or family members, have one big co-located blowout to maximize efficiency and festive fun.

Integrated Organization

This holiday season, communicate more, disappoint less. Remove information and idea silos to ensure not everyone gets grandma new slippers. Or worse. Fruitcake.

Visualization and Simulation

Detailed models are non-negotiables for IPD. Simulate seating arrangements to increase merriment and reduce the risk of eggnog-fueled food fights. (You can thank us later.)

Integrated Information

Knowledge sharing is crucial to ensure the naughty and nice lists are accurate and up-to-date. We use a common language on IPD projects so expectations are clear. If Timmy “scrooged” his way through 2017, Timmy knows to expect coal.

And that’s how you build a simple framework for a high-performing holiday.

We hope this season is well integrated with lots of joy and cheer. Happy holidays to you and have a very Happy New Year from your friends at DPR Construction!

For the gift that keeps on giving, follow the simple framework on your next building project.

IPD Agreement Framework illustration

The result? A high-performing building that delivers value from inception to infinity.

Our Gift To You: A guide to Integrating Project Delivery

To spread even more high-performance holiday cheer, we’re gifting you a guide to the simple framework detailed in the the Integrating Project Delivery book written by Martin Fischer, Howard Ashcraft, Dean Reed and Atul Khanzode and published by Wiley.

Happy New Year!